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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mercy's Mark  


A little while back, I met Mercy in the TNT chat room.

I fell in love with and bought this:


It's super fabulous! I love it lots!

Next, I saw this:


and again, I had to have it! Her hairbands are such great quality! They're fun, they're unique and they go with everything!

Then Mercy decided to try out hair bows and of course they were adorable and I had to have one!


I mean, how flippin' cute is that?! Skulls AND pink? It's like it was made just for me!

Don't need hairbands and bows? (pfffffft) Mercy also has super cute wallets and tote bags! Bonus? Mercy is a real sweetheart and you will be smitten with her warm personality!

I managed to score an interview with this busy lady! Hurray!

Name: Mercy

Store Name: Mercy's Mark Handbags and Accessories

What Made You Chose Your Shop Name:
In the very beginning of my bag making days (about 6 years ago) I used to sell under the name Shoot The Messenger. I always loved that name but my hubby was always mentioning that I should have my name in my logo in there somewhere. When I gave it a little more thought Mercy's Mark is what always came back to me. I think I'll keep that one forever! ♥

Date Shop Opened:
Oct. 5th, 2006. But I didn't start selling seriously until Sept. 2007

What You Sell: The sweetst handbags and totes ever! As well as wallets, zippered pouches and cute little hairbands!

What Made You Want To Start:
I've always loved sewing. Its one of the best things my momma passed on to me! But when we decided I should stay home to raise my three little rugrats, I thought what a perfect way to pull in a little fun money. And all the while keeping me sane AND feeding my fabric addiction! I think even when its time for me to go back into the work force I will always make time to keep contributing to my little shop.

Your Store in One Word or Phrase: "Your one stop shop for rockin' freshness!"

What next?

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