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Thursday, May 14, 2009

253 - StrikemyFancy on Etsy!  


Last month for Earth Day, I saw that strikemyfancy was having a half off all reclaimed wool sale. Never the one to let a good sale pass me by I hurried on over. To my surprise, her stuff was beyond fabulous! So much so, that I told my best friend to hustle over there and check it out!

I grabbed the most amazing wool, Tuxedo, that was made of 86% silk and 14% wool. It's so beautiful!


I also think Blue Jay which is 70% lambswool, 20% angora rabbit hair and 10% nylon looks divine!


She doesn't just have reclaimed wool, she also spins her own! I am beyond jealous!

Pixie Stix is again the beautiful combination of lambswool, angora and nylon! Fabulous!


I managed to get an interview with the fabulous Lisa of strikemyfancy

Name: Lisa Haley

Store Name:
Strike My Fancy

What Made You Chose Your Shop Name: I was trying to set up my Etsy account. Every name that I thought of that I thought would be a good name for a store that sold yarn was already taken. I started thinking about the fact that I planned to eventually sell things other than yarn. I kept asking myself "What are you going to make? What are you hoping to sell in this shop?" And suddenly the little voice in my head said "Whatever strikes my fancy" and I knew I had my shop name!

Date Shop Opened:
September 2008

What You Sell: Hand spun and hand dyed yarns. Eco-friendly yarns which have been rescued from sweaters destined for the landfill. I just recently started making drum carded fiber batts for spinning and/or felting. I plan to offer hand painted rovings later this summer, also for spinning and felting. I hope to be able to purchase a sewing machine in the near future because I would like to start making project bags, cases for knitting needles/crochet hooks, spindle bags, etc... from the fabulous collection of fabrics I have been hoarding. I am also planning to teach myself wet felting and needle felting. There's the possibility of leather products making an appearance (handbags and wallets, perhaps?) Maybe someday I will even try jewelry making, which is something I have wanted to learn for as long as I can remember.

What Made You Want To Start:
I was in a "Moms group" at our local pre-school. One of the other moms is an accomplished knitter who always had the most amazing projects she was working on during our meetings. She rekindled in me a long dormant interest in knitting. She also turned me on to Ravelry which led to me learning how to dye fiber and then to learning how to spin yarn on a drop spindle (made for me by my husband out of a dowel and an old CD - not elegant but they do work!). The next logical step was to learn to spin on a wheel. At that point I became aware that I had a serious fiber addiction problem and would never be able to knit with all the yarn I was making. I decided to see if anyone else would be able to give the yarn a good home and make something beautiful and useful out of it.

Your Store in One Word or Phrase:
Stuff you don't need...but you just want it anyway!

So run, run, run over to Lisa's shop and frolick like a child through a candy shop! She's super friendly, her shipping was fast (and I'm international!) and her product is fabulous beyond words!

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