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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

276 - Featured Shop!  


I met Meg on our street team, The Capital Crafters. She is so friendly, awesome and talented.

Eco Chic Recycled Copper Bangle


Aquitaine Shell Dangle Earrings OOAK


I was lucky enough to score an interview with Meg!

Name: Meghann Gervais
Store Name: Little Studio Photography and Jewellery (
What Made You Chose Your Shop Name: The studio in my house is TEENY (my dining room has now been taken over in addition to my spare bedroom, but there is NEVER enough room!)
Date Shop Opened: Business officially opened in 2005, Etsy store in August 2008
What You Sell: Photography, jewellery, accessories
What Made You Want To Start: I love creating things with my own hands. Also, I have Fibromyalgia and I'm not able to work outside my home, so this was a great fit - I am my own boss, work from home and I get to create all day :)
Your Store in One Word or Phrase: Beautiful, high quality adornment for your body and home that makes you feel special every time you experience it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

275 - Friday Funny  

Have a fabulous weekend my Redd-Heads!


Friday, July 17, 2009

274 - Screw You Spam!  

So after much consideration, and much deleting of spam messages, I have added captchas to the comments. This way, I won't have to approve comments as they come in and I won't have to delete 45+ spams a day.

No one likes Spam anyway. Have you ever tasted that stuff? Blech!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

273 - What? Me? AWOL Again?  

I have a good reason this time, honest!

My laptop was on death's door. Not one day would go by without it overheating at the slightest thing and turning off. Sometimes that would happen 5-6 times a day.

If you haven't been following my story thus far, my husband, Pauly, travels a lot with work. He goes all around the world and trains employess, or zombies or something and teaches them how to use some software or something. Due to his crazy traveling (3 weeks out of a month crazy) he had a metric crap-ton of Aeroplan points. At least he did until he was super sweet and ordered me a netbook! It's so tiny and cute and I'm slowly but surely getting used to typing on this mini keyboard. laptop is the thing with all of my pictures and Friday Funny things and since it's dying it's hard to get the files off it.

So here's a little crappy update to give you the 411.


Monday, July 6, 2009

272 - Meet the Cast - Episode Two - Elly  

So I talk about my family on here but I’m not sure I’ve ever done proper introductions. I’m going to start with my fur babies and then the flesh and blood. I've already told you about Cory.

Next up is Elly.


Oh my Elly. I know I shouldn't pick favourites but Elly is mine. She's the sweetest, best tempered and most awesome cat in the history of the world. She's a pure bred blue Himalayan and will be 4 years old on August 5. We got her when she was 6.5 months old. I was pregnant with Ash and just about to go on bed rest. Since I was the one home with her in the beginning she took to me like white on rice. Elly is my shadow. Where I go, there is an Elly near by. Her most favourite place to sleep at the moment is in the bathroom sink. She is addicted to cat treats and laser pointers and has a cat fit when she walks over a plastic bag. Fun Fact: Elly is short for Elvis.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

271- What a Productive Day!  

I have made so much stuff today!

Today I have made:

*a ball of wool from Jacob's sheep roving

*a pair of fingerless gloves

*two fibre necklaces

*a crocheted bangle bracelet


*a toque


I'd take pictures of them to show you but my camera battery is dead and my charger is AWOL. I ordered a new charger from ebay today so hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to take pictures and list my new swag!

Friday, July 3, 2009

270 - Friday Funny  

Have a fabulous weekend my darling Redd-Heads!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

269 - Meet the Cast - Episode One - Cory  

So I talk about my family on here but I'm not sure I've ever done proper introductions. I'm going to start with my fur babies and then the flesh and blood.

This entry introduces you to the newest member of our family, Cory.


This is Corona. We recently got her from a friend of  a friend, Jen. Jen's boyfriend was crazy allergic to cats and needed to find Corona a new home. We fell in love in with Cory's picture in the e-mail. She's a 10.5 year old tortie. She's tall and beautiful. She's all about coming to bed at all hours for love and cuddles. She has so much personality and is sweet as a button. Cory is big but has a cute little mew. She's only been with us for a few months but we've already fallen for her hard. She also sheds more than any cat I have ever known.