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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

273 - What? Me? AWOL Again?  

I have a good reason this time, honest!

My laptop was on death's door. Not one day would go by without it overheating at the slightest thing and turning off. Sometimes that would happen 5-6 times a day.

If you haven't been following my story thus far, my husband, Pauly, travels a lot with work. He goes all around the world and trains employess, or zombies or something and teaches them how to use some software or something. Due to his crazy traveling (3 weeks out of a month crazy) he had a metric crap-ton of Aeroplan points. At least he did until he was super sweet and ordered me a netbook! It's so tiny and cute and I'm slowly but surely getting used to typing on this mini keyboard. laptop is the thing with all of my pictures and Friday Funny things and since it's dying it's hard to get the files off it.

So here's a little crappy update to give you the 411.


What next?

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