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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

296 - Meet the Cast - Episode Three - Fredward  

So I talk about my family on here but I’m not sure I’ve ever done proper introductions. I’m going to start with my fur babies and then the flesh and blood.

I've already told you about Cory and Elly.

Next up is Freddie.

Picture 005

So as I was checking the mail today my neighbour's door was open. Ash mentioned to him that he thought the turtle was cool (we were watching him and the cat this weekend while they were away) and James asked if we wanted him. Being the sucker that I am I totally said yes.

The neighbours have a pond in the backyard that he used to be in till it got chilly. My little Freddie didn't even have a name. James is just glad that he'll get more attention now.

Yes, yes, I know all about turtles and salmonella. But I promise to be a hand washing nazi after he's been held.

Elly has already started to sit and stare at him. That's gotta be awkward for Freddie.

Picture 012

What next?

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