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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

302 - New Camera!  

So the only perk to Pauly traveling so much is that he racks up the Aeroplan points like nobody's business. A few months ago he got me an Acer netbook with his points because my Dell died. Just last week my new camera arrived! It's pretty bitching! I have always wanted a digital SLR but there's no way I could justify spending that much money on one. Hooray for Aeroplan points!


(obviously not MY camera as I can't take a picture of it with it)

I love it! I still have lots to learn with it, and I ordered a macro lens for it that should be here any day now.  I can't wait to start taking product pictures with it for my shops!

Here is one of the first pictures I took with it. Ash loves hamming it up for the camera!

Picture 169

children in pictures are not as innocent as they appear

What next?

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1 comments: to “ 302 - New Camera!

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