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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

308 - Meet Beatrice!  

So a family tradition we have is for the holidays you get a "Group Gift." You pick an item that you want that is about $100 and all the family members pitch in. That way you know everyone is getting what they want and no one has to guess.

I had mentioned to my mom that I really wanted a spinning wheel but that it was WAY above Group Gift price range. Well, my birthday is 8 days after Christmas so she decided that we could do a combination Christmaskah/Birthday gift and get me a wheel.

I, of course, was thrilled and immediately started scouring Etsy for my very first spinning wheel. Well, I found one that was beautiful beyond words at Katrina's Wool World. It was a Country Craftsman and a Saxony style. What's a Saxony you may be wondering. Close your eyes and picture a spinning wheel. You think of Sleeping Beauty right? Well, that's a Saxon style wheel.

She arrived. I named her Beatrice, a perfect old lady name (though to be fair, I think Beatrice would be an awesome name if I ever had a daughter). She needed some tuning and oiling but now she runs great and I love her.

Picture 023

she even matches my wood panelling!

I couldn't have asked for a better buying experience. Kathy was super friendly and kept me updated on the shipping every step of the way. When Bea got here, I was having LOTS of problems getting her to work but Kathy was *super* patient and e-mailed me until Bea was working.

Beatrice now lives in my studio. I'm holding on to her even though it's not the holidays yet because, well, I don't know, but Mom didn't seem opposed to me keeping her early.

What next?

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