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Sunday, November 22, 2009

312 - Redd's Annual Cardigan  

So every year since I've started knitting, I have started a cardigan for myself. The first year, it ended up being too short and wasn't the right size. I tried to fix it once it was all done but I was still new and it didn't work and I ended up throwing it out. Stupid, especially since it ended up costing me like $80 in yarn.

Last year I tried again but in much cheaper yarn. I lost interest when I got to the last section and then just gave up.

This year, in the interest of tradition, I'm trying again. About a month ago I bought a really cute pattern but didn't have time to make it as I was trying to get ready for holiday shows. Now that they are done, I'm taking a crack at it.

It's just SO cute! I'm making it in black and may leave out the flowers, but otherwise, it will be this adorable!

I'll keep you updated on it, and hopefully this year's attempt will end in a real, wearable cardigan.

What next?

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