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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

326 - Leaving on a U-Haul  

So I’ve managed to completely forget to tell you guys something really important. We’re moving at the end of the month! And not just a little move across town, we’re packing up and headed for a new town, Bowmanville. My sister and her husband and my four nephews live there, so we’ll have family close by.
We’re going to be moving into a cute little house.

It has a big back yard for Ash to run around in, an extra room for Paul’s office and the coolest basement EVER!

Yes, it does have an awesome fire place and wood panelling for walls! This super awesome basement is going to be my new studio. It will have plenty of light because it’s a walk out into the backyard.
There are two other very important reasons why this house is totally awesome. One, it is just one small walk away from The Bowmanville Zoo. And two? My house can totally eat your house.

What next?

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