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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

336 - Meet The Newest Hynes  

The Pet Valu at the Bowmanville Mall carries cats from the Durham Humaine Society. We went in on Sunday and Paul noticed the largest cat we had ever seen. Even bigger than my old neighbours Maine Coone.
We asked about him. His name was Mr. Tom Sawyer.


With a name like that, how could we resist? We brought home an application form for him and talked to my sister about it. We didn't want to get a fourth cat if she was dead set against it (for those of you just tuning in, my sister owns the house that we rent). She said we were crazy but she didn't care. So we filled in the form and brought it in. Yesterday morning we heard back from them, we seemed like a great home for Mr. Tom Sawyer and to come in and bring him home.

He's an awesome fit in our family. Cory doesn't seem to like him too much since she's the Alpha cat. 
Elly seems intrigued and I think in enough time she and Mr. Tom Sawyer will be great friends. He's easily 2.5 times her size though so she's a little intimidated. They're the same age, 4.
Claypool, being 19 and stone deaf, only seems mildly annoyed, more so now that he's eaten her food and slept in her wicker basket.
Most importantly, he tolerates Ash. Which is impressive since Ash is a nuclear powered sound and motion machine (we're pretty sure he has ADHD but that's for another entry).

We have all grown super fond of Mr. Tom Sawyer despite only having been with us for 36 some hours. He is just that awesome. He seems to think we're pretty swell too.

What next?

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