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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

353 - MIA  

Yes, I am in fact still alive. I had a crazy busy long weekend.
Don't believe me?

My mom and my best friend came in Thursday night. Mel was promptly struck down with the plague. Paul wasn't home from Hong Kong yet so I spent the night trying to make sure Mel didn't die on my couch.

Friday was Ash's 4th birthday. Hard to believe that my little man is 4. He starts school in the fall, he can dress himself, he is a little person. CRAZY! We lay low because well, it was Good Friday and everything was closed.

Saturday my mom took us out and about trying to find Ash a bike for his birthday from his grandparents. We found it at the third place. Downside? It's Elmo. I loathe Elmo.

Sunday was his birthday party. We had it at my sister's house since my sister in law is allergic to cats and I have 4. It was super low key. Ash just played outside with his cousins and we ate snacky type foods. I made my mom hummus. She had never had it before (for shame!) because she's allergic to garlic. Mel and I tried to make it the night before but my blender wasn't working and we seriously were down to mashing chick peas with a fork. 
So armed with my sister's food processor, I made hummus and it was FABULOUS! I need a food processor. I will make so much delicious hummus that I will quite possibly explode, but in a good way.

Monday my mom and Mel left to go back to Ottawa. Paul's sister and her boyfriend popped by on their way back from his parents place. We hung out a little and then headed out to the finally open mall to get Ash his birthday present from his loving parents. He's been asking for a fish for a while now. It even already had a name, Boombox. I figured we'd get him a betta fish because those suckers can live in a mud puddle so they're tough.
Upon seeing all the bettas he promptly fell in love with the most expensive one. For some reason, it was twice the price of all the others but he insisted that he loved him. So Boombox came home.

That brings us to today where we didn't do much of anything and it was glorious.

If you read all of this, I would like to reward you with this:

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