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Sunday, July 4, 2010

372 - My New BBQ  

Let me start off by saying, Dude, it is REALLY hard to find a picture of my new BBQ on the internet. I almost gave up and took a crappy picture of my own in the dark.
But I am the queen of the internetz and I found it!

Paul and I had a BBQ included at our last apartment. It was awesome. Well, the barbeque itself was alright but it was awesome having it. When we moved to our new house, it obviously had no bbq and we couldn't bring our old one with us because it actually belonged to our landlord.
Then summer came and we were sad at our lack of grilled meat. Well, what would happen but we would get a cheque from the government that in the memo said "BBQ MONEY!". Okay, maybe that last part isn't true...
The point is that we bought a bbq. At Wal-Mart. In a box. It's actually pretty flippin' great.

Actually, the whole point of this entry was to tell you guys that Paul is out of town (quelle suprise!) and I used the bbq all by myself for the first time ever and didn't even lose my eyebrows, which totally happened to my dad when I was a kid and thus scarred me for life and made me god fearing of the bbq.

I made corn and despite normally hating corn, it was delicious. I think it was the victory. Nom nom nom.

What next?

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